Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best Free Statistical Softwares for Data Analysis and Download Links

Today, I bring you a list of 3 of the best analytical software for statisticians. What is most surprising is that you don't have to pay "a shilling" to get any of them. i.e They are totally free!!!! Most less-comprehensive analytical tools don't even come this easily, but anyone (including myself), would be happy to get this totally free of any charge. There are other free statistical software, but these are the 3 that I selected as excellent standouts. They are Epi Info, Scilab, and R .

Software                                                      Function                                                       Link

Epi Info                     Questionnaire Analysis in Public Health,                                 Epi Info™
                                 Biostatistics, Medical Statistics e.t.c Has an extraordinary
                                 Mapping tool. Perfect for test on Contingency Tables &
                                 Logistic Regression.           

Scilab                       Mathematical and Statistical analysis like Integration,                   Scilab 
                                Differentiation, Matrices, Vectors, ANOVA, Regression etc.
                                Has interface similar to that of MATLAB & can be considered
                                a mini-MATLAB.

R                             One of the best statistical tools for Data Analysis and Linear Algebra.        R
                                Perfect for Matrix and Vector analysis and constructing. Good plotting
                                tool & Random Number Generator for most statistical distributions
                                also embedded.

There are also many others that are really cool and flexible. I will be posting them very soon.
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  1. An often overlooked piece of free stats software that is not on your list is PSPP. It's a clone of SPSS that is free and open source from Gnu.